Construction and Demolition

Logistical planning down to the minute.

When you are in the construction or demolition industries, you need to have a system that works in time with your project. This means having the right skips at the right time, filled with the right waste and taken away by the right waste carrier.

WasteSURE ticks every box.


Waste Segregation

On sites where there are multiple contractors or multiple waste streams, it is important that waste is clearly labelled and segregated to ensure that it can be disposed of correctly in accordance with your duty of care.

At WasteSURE, we can provide you with dual branded waste enclosures to help you figure out which waste should go where. We can also help you to work out which types of waste you will have most of at which point and organise your skips accordingly.


Logistics and Planning

Logistics and planning are often the most difficult part of waste management – especially if you aren’t sure how long a project might take or what you will find once you start. Having the correct skips at the right time is vital for the smooth running of your site.

Our network of providers means that even if things don’t quite go to plan, we can get you a skip as soon as possible so that work can resume. We can also help you figure out which types of skip you will need and come up with a plan to ensure that all your waste is dealt with properly and at the correct time.


Staggered Collections

When you are working on a busy site, waste collections need to be staggered in order to ensure that the site can continue to run smoothly. This means that your waste carriers need to arrive at the right time.

With our network of providers, we can guarantee that your skips will arrive within a 15 minute slot and where there are any problems, we will use a local provider to get there as soon as possible to resolve the issue. You can also call us at any time of the day with queries and we will respond immediately.


Awkward Sites

More and more sites are cropping up in city centres around the UK and while building on these sites is certainly a good idea for the economy, it can lead to some problems with waste access.

With our network, we can find smaller skips and trucks to suit your site, or we could suggest using a grab truck for a simpler collection method. We may also recommend doing a dummy run of the waste collection or delivery if you are working on a site with particularly difficult access. This is a good way to test a solution and find any issues before time is critical.


Hazardous Waste

Until you get to a demolition site, you may not know what you are dealing with and may encounter some potentially hazardous waste. A common example is asbestos which can still be found in old buildings but soil and building foundations may also be hazardous.

At WasteSURE we believe that waste analysis is always the best way to ensure that your waste is disposed of safely and legally. We will arrange for your waste and site to be tested to ensure the proper management of the waste. On top of this, we will guarantee that you are operating within your duty of care so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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