Water Filtration Media Refurbishment

Fully Compliant with
EA Standards
Dramatically Reduced
Carbon Footprint
Huge Project Cost Savings
Dramatic Reduction of Landfil

A Sustainable Solution To Revolutionise The Industry

The cost of removing and replacing water filtration media and reed bed materials is surging – and not just financially. The impact of this process on our environment is even more damaging.

On average, a 4,000-tonne filter will require 500 movements of carbon-heavy transportation to completely replace water damaged materials. At a cost of around £380,000 per project, this traditional method also produces an incalculable amount of carbon emissions that enter our atmosphere.

WasteSURE has developed a sustainable solution to this problem.

Water Filtration Media Refurbishment

We’ve partnered with manufacturers of the Portafill 3000ST to develop a bespoke application which delivers an enhanced cleaning of the materials found in water filtration systems – such as blast furnace slag and pumice, as well as the soil and gravel typically found in reed beds.

  • Removes up to 70 per cent more contaminant than other market solutions
  • Recycles 98 per cent of the waste product usually generated from this process
  • Used on-site, it eliminates the need for carbon-heavy transportation
  • Closed-loop system means water is reused rather than disposed of
  • Dramatically reduces the amount of waste product sent to landfill

Why Use WasteSURE?

We’ve always promised to provide our clients with more efficient solutions – those which save money, and also save our planet. Our technology has been developed following extensive research into how industry experts could benefit from refurbishment rather than replacement, using representative samples of the materials found in water filtration and reed bed systems. 

By using wasteSURE you will:

  • Be instrumental in making the industry a more sustainable place to work
  • Reduce the huge amounts of carbon entering our atmosphere
  • Make massive cost savings, through no longer using transportation to replace your media
  • Work with a provider who puts the planet before profits

We’re proud to be leading the way in this field. Get in touch today to find out more about our water filtration media refurbishment programme.

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