Shop Fitting

Effective waste management in small spaces.

Shop fitting is a fast process and the sooner the premises are up and running, the sooner your business can be profitable. This is why it is vital that your waste is managed effectively so you can get on with the thing you are good at.


Waste Bags and Mini Skips

If you are fitting out a shop, it is unlikely that you will have space for a large skip. Instead, regular collections of smaller waste bags or mini skips will be much better suited to your situation.

With our network of providers, we can help you to plan the logistics of multiple small collections and advise you on how best to organise your waste types for the most suitable disposal methods.


Reuse and Recycle

If you are refitting a shop, it is likely that there will be all kinds of materials and products that can be reused or recycled. For example, you might have lots of chairs that still function but are no longer of use to you.

We can help find a new home for these items and organise for them to be collected too. This is usually a cheaper option and is also much more environmentally friendly than other disposal methods.


Wait and Load Skips

Leaving a skip in a particularly busy area isn’t a great idea, especially when you consider the security risk it may pose. Using a wait and load skip eliminates this risk and ensures that your waste is safely removed without blocking a road for too long.

The principle of a wait and load skip is exactly as it says. You will have your waste ready to go – possibly in waste bags – so that when the skip arrives you can fill it immediately to be taken away as soon as it is full.


Logistical Planning

Most shop fits come in rounds where different waste streams are produced. We will be able to help you work out which streams you will need to dispose of and when, then we can help you plan for the methods you should use.

Do you have a particularly challenging project or just want some advice? Give us a call or drop us an email to see how we can help.


Out of Hours Services

Overnight works so that you are ready to open up in the morning.

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