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With WasteSURE, compliant skip hire has never been easier.

We offer a wide range of skip sizes and options from waste bags to builder’s skips to grab and load trucks. Just let us know which waste type you are disposing of and we can advise you on the best solution.

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What Size Skip Do You Need?

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WS SKIP 2 4 6
2-Yard Skip

Holds: 15 – 20 bin bags

Suitable For: Domestic projects such as gardening

Sometimes called a ‘mini skip’, the 2-yard skip is useful for lots of smaller projects. However, finding a supplier may be difficult but with our network of providers, WasteSURE can find you one in no time at all.

WS SKIP 2 4 6
4-Yard Skip

Holds: 30 – 40 bin bags

Suitable For: Domestic projects such as a bathroom or kitchen refit

Sometimes called the ‘midi skip’, the 4-yard skip is useful for many types of project and is often chosen over a 2-yard skip just in case there is more waste than anticipated.

WS SKIP 2 4 6
6-Yard Skip

Holds: 50 – 60 bin bags

Suitable For: Domestic building projects such as extensions or conservatories

Also called ‘the builder’s skip’ this size is often chosen for handling building waste including rubble, concrete and soil. It may also be used for household waste.

WS SKIP 8 10
8-Yard Skip

Holds: 60 – 80 bin bags

Suitable For: Building, gardening and household waste in large quantities

This is the most popular skip size and it is used for all kinds of large domestic projects. You can use it for building materials including rubble, concrete and soil as well as clearing out household waste or garden waste.

WS SKIP 8 10
10-Yard Skip

Holds: 80 – 100 bin bags

Suitable For: Light or medium weight bulky waste

Ideal for bulky waste items such as wood, metal and plastics which are lighter than other building materials. This skip is often used for clearing large houses or gardens.

WS SKIP 12 14
12-Yard Skip

Holds: 100 – 120 bin bags

Suitable For: Large house and light, bulky waste

Also called the maxi skip, this skip is ideal for lighter wastes such as plastic and wood but cannot be used for heavy waste such as rubble or soil due to weight restrictions.

WS SKIP 12 14
14-Yard Skip

Holds: 120 – 140 bin bags

Suitable For: Office clearances and light, bulky waste

The most popular of the maxi skips, the 14-yard is often used for lots of light bulky waste such as cardboard, paper, plywood, plastics and light general mixed waste.

WS SKIP 16 20
16-Yard Skip

Holds: 140 – 160 bin bags

Suitable For: Shop refits and light, bulky waste

Though it is only slightly bigger than the 14-yard, it is ideal for dealing with a large quantity of light waste. This type of skip is great for a shop refit where large amounts of mixed waste will be produced.

WS SKIP 16 20
20-Yard Skip

Holds: 160 – 200 bin bags

Suitable For: Industrial waste including light construction waste and factory waste

20-Yard RORO or Roll-On Roll-Off skips are used for large volumes of light waste which might come from construction sites (building or demolition) or factories. The benefit is that ROROs are easy to access and quick to load.

WS SKIP 30 40
30-Yard Skip

Holds: 250 – 300 bin bags

Suitable For: Large quantities of bulky waste for example factory waste and light construction waste such as furnishings, light metals, cardboard and paper.

30-Yard RORO or Roll-On Roll-Off skips are ideal for larger quantities of waste from factories or constructions projects. If you are refitting a large building, for example, this skip size is ideal for old sofas and other furnishings

WS SKIP 30 40
40-Yard Skip

Holds: 350 – 400 bin bags

Suitable For: Large quantities of industrial waste including light construction waste and factory waste

40-Yard RORO or Roll-On Roll-Off skips offer economy of scale and are best for large scale projects. Light but bulky construction waste is often put into this size but large amounts of industrial waste such as cardboard, paper, plastics, wood and metal.

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