Waste Removal Calculator

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WasteSure Movement Calculator

As part of our comprehensive offering, we’ve developed an easy to use web application that can quickly and accurately tell you how many movements are needed to remove your waste – and the associated costs

Waste Removal Calculator
Waste Removal Calculator
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Simply populate the five fields below and our system will do the rest.

You’ll instantly receive clarity on the number of Waste Movements that are required to clear your site, the cost per m3 and the total cost of the project.*

Waste Removal Calculator

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How our results are generated

If the density figure is above 1.2, then the wagon is likely to be overweight, therefore the our system’s calculations are based what weight the wagon can physically carry. If the density figure is under 1.2 then your movements & costs are calculated through volume.

*The movement calculator is based non-hazardous waste and an industry standard allowance for bulking. However specialist projects may require a more comprehensive analysis prior to quotation.