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Before you even receive the skip which you are going to hire there are a few factors you need to think about. One of the most important factors is the size of the skip you want to hire. There are things you need to think about which will help you decide on the skip size you need.

The size of the skip depends on the amount of waste which you have got to go in the skip. For example if you were to hire a 4 yard skip but you have a lot of bulky waste this would mean that this would result in overflowing. However a skip which is too big would be unnecessarily expensive.

Preparation of the site

Before ordering the skip you will need to know where the skip will be going. If the skip will be going on private property this will not need a permit from the local council, however if the skip is going on the road which is not private property then this would require a road permit from the council to place this on council property.

The permit prices can range from £30+vat to £70+vat depending on the area of where the skip will be going, which will depend on the council. If the skip would be going on a driveway we would need to be sure that there will be enough for the skip to go on the driveway depending on the size you are hiring.

A 4 yard skip being used by builders.

Loading the skip safely

When the skip is being loaded please make sure that this has been loaded by distributing the weight evenly across the skip to be sure there is no risk of the bin being unstable.

Please be aware if this skip is overloaded and the skip has been booked in for a collection the driver will not be able to collect the skip due to this being dangerous and against health and safety. This can create hazards during the collection of the skip and unloading.

Prohibited Items

Knowing what can be put in a skip and what can’t be put in a skip is very important. Identifying items which can not be put in the skip including chemicals, Asbestos and Plasterboard. There are also things which are very common which people want to put in the skip but will not be allowed which includes mattresses, sofas, chairs, cushions, paint tins and car tyres and many more items. Some items can be charged at an extra cost to be put in the skip.

If you are wanting to book in your skip hire please contact the WasteSure team.


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