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When it comes to hiring a skip and placing it on a public highway or parking area, understanding skip hire permits is essential. These permits are a legal requirement and are designed to regulate the placement of skips on public roads, ensuring they do not cause traffic congestion or safety hazards. In this guide, we will address common questions and concerns related to skip permits.


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  1. What is a Skip Permit?

A skip permit allows you to place your skip on a public highway or pavement. It is typically issued by your local council to manage and control the placement of skips on the road. Failing to obtain a skip permit when required can result in fines, and the council may remove your skip. However, if you plan to keep the skip on your property, driveway, or land, you won’t need a permit.

  1. Who Can Help Arrange a Skip Permit?

In many cases, your chosen skip hire company can assist you in determining whether you need a permit and can even organize it on your behalf before delivering the skip. However, depending on your location, you might be required to contact your local council directly to request a permit.

  1. Are Skip Hire Permits Expensive?

The cost of skip permits can vary depending on your location within the UK. On average, a skip permit typically ranges around £50. Your selected skip company can often handle the permit arrangement and include the associated charges in the overall skip hire cost. However, in cities like London, permit costs can vary significantly, ranging from £30 to £165.

  1. How Long Does a Skip Permit Last?

Typically, a standard skip permit is valid for a few weeks. If you require the skip for a longer period, you can extend the permit for an additional cost. However, exceeding the specified time limit on your permit may result in fines. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your skip permit covers the duration you need for your project.

  1. Consequences of Skipping the Skip Permit

Operating a skip on a public road without the necessary permit can lead to serious consequences. Enforcement officers regularly check for permits, and if you are caught without one, you may face substantial fines. To avoid legal trouble, it’s crucial to look into obtaining a skip permit when placing a skip on a public highway or parking area.

Have More Questions About Skip Permits?

While this guide covers some of the most frequently asked questions about skip permits, we understand that you may have specific queries or concerns. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information and assistance. At WasteSURE, our dedicated team is ready to address all your questions related to skip hire permits and can even handle the permit arrangements on your behalf if necessary. Contact us today on 0333 301 0705 for expert guidance and a hassle-free skip hire experience!

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