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Avoiding the spread of contaminants is vital for a clean and safe site.


Success Criteria:

  • Avoiding the spread of contaminants
  • Making cleaning easy and automatic
  • Making bootwashes suitable for all sites

Project Details

The Considerate Constructors Scheme places a high significance on keeping contaminants contained to a site and requires bootwashes to to reduce the level of cleaning in the temporary and fixed onsite offices. 

Soils can often contain unseen contaminants such as heavy metals or hydrocarbons which can easily be tracked around by unclean boots. Bootwashes are an obvious solution but they can be expensive and awkward to deliver and use.

Innovative Thinking from WasteSURE

WasteSURE couldn’t find a bootwash on the market to suit our clients so we have designed our own. 

WasteSURE bootwashes are flatpack systems made using lightweight materials. The parts are easy to put together on site and have been designed with the correct dimensions for a standard courier delivery. This makes transporting the bootwash to site easier and cheaper for our clients. An added bonus is that sending via general post reduces the carbon footprint of the product.  

The lightweight bootwashes can be placed anywhere on site to make their use obvious and automatic for all site workers and visitors.


The Results

Contaminants are Contained 

With the WasteSURE bootwash, all contaminants are contained in accordance with the Waste Duty of Care and the Considerate Constructors Scheme. 

The Bootwash is Easy to Use and Move

As the bootwash is light, it can be placed anywhere on site so that everyone remembers to use it regularly and habitually. 

More Environmentally Friendly Solution

Sending the bootwash through general mail means that the carbon footprint of the product is reduced. Furthermore, all bootwashes can be reused again and again so when one client finishes with theirs, they can send it back to WasteSURE for reuse elsewhere.


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