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Making City Centre Waste Management Easy With Wait And Load Trucks 


Success Criteria:

  • Efficient removal of waste streams
  • Carefully management logistical planning
  • Saving clients money

Project Details

City centre sites can be a pain to manage. They are often restricted in the permits they can apply for and even then struggle to get the right permits for the job. Access to city sites is also problematic as every inch of land needs to be maximised, leaving little room for larger trucks to access the site or for skips to be left.

Clients with city centre sites may also struggle to find a suitable, compliant waste manager willing to work within the hectic city centre environment.

Innovative Thinking from WasteSURE

WasteSURE never shies away from a challenge and we have purposefully designed innovative solutions for our city centre clients that work over and again. 

While permits can be a problem in the city centre, we always avoid peak times to minimise disruption and ensure that waste can be dealt with safely and efficiently with a wait and load truck. Wait and loads don’t require a specific permit and don’t necessarily need to enter a site either. Furthermore, WasteSURE will aim to marry the driver’s lunchtime with the load time to avoid extra charges while remaining compliant.  

Unlike other waste managers who avoid the city, WasteSURE has built a network of providers to make it easy for us to deal with city centre waste. With our management and approach, we can find an innovative solution for every site, no matter how awkward it might seem and still offer a competitive price. We can offer cost savings on the virgin materials that are removed from city centre sites and by limiting the use of the mixed construction EWC/LoW code in favour of more specific codes, we can recycle more and, therefore, avoid the Landfill Tax.

The Results

Better Site Efficiency

Removing waste with a wait and load skip is much more efficient and significantly easier to organise on an awkward city centre site. Getting the timing just right is essential which is why the WasteSURE team will be on hand to make sure that the truck arrives at the right time, avoiding rush hour and other busy times of day. Knowing exactly when the truck will arrive means that city centre teams can plan their time better and get on the jobs they need to do. 

Logistical Convenience

Trying to sort out logistics while managing a busy and active site is a challenge at the best of times. Our team are experienced in handling waste logistics and will do all the hard work for their clients. With our network of providers, we are in a great position to deal with unexpected problems and respond to any issues our clients have on site. 

Saving Money

Splitting waste streams into specific waste codes offers more opportunity for recycling and reusing wastes which complies with the Waste Duty of Care, is better for the environment and saves our clients money by avoiding the Landfill Tax. 


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