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Severn Trent needed guaranteed compliance and more environmentally friendly solutions for their contaminated soils. 


Success Criteria:

  • Guaranteed compliance
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Saving money

Project Details

Contaminated soils are a major waste stream in the water industry and this Severn Trent site was no difference. As a company producing a large amount of waste, Severn Trent were concerned about getting their compliance spot on with the correct EWC/ LoW codes. 

Severn Trent also wanted to reduce the cost of their waste management processes through more efficient logistics and planning. Equally, Severn Trent wanted to reduce their carbon footprint with more environmentally friendly solutions.

Innovative Thinking from WasteSURE

WasteSURE guarantees compliance in two ways: first we always ensure that waste is identified and classified properly; second, we only use checked and verified providers from our compliant network so we can guarantee compliance before any waste is moved. 

In this case, identifying the waste was really important. WasteSURE used an independent waste analysis company to thoroughly test the waste on the site, identifying hazardous hotspots with regular and consistent testing around the whole site. Testing this thoroughly ensured that the waste was identified correctly without assuming that all the waste was hazardous and over-paying to send non-hazardous materials to a hazardous waste facility. 

To reduce the carbon footprint, WasteSURE chose local waste providers and the closest compliant disposal point. This reduced the movement of the waste and lowered the cost of transportation too.  Assessing the volume of waste and hiring vehicles per day, instead of per week, further reduced the cost of the solution.


The Results

Fully Compliant

Compliance is absolutely crucial for all waste producers and with our UK-wide network of compliant providers, we could guarantee compliance for Severn Trent. We also used an independent waste analysis company to test the waste produced around the site to identify hazardous hotspots so that only hazardous waste was sent to hazardous disposal facilities.

More Environmentally Friendly

Reducing the movement of the waste by choosing local providers in turn reduced the carbon footprint of the waste. Furthermore, correctly identifying the waste with thorough testing meant that all the waste ended up in the right place.

Saving Money

This is a great example of how following the Waste Duty of Care and choosing local providers can save money without cutting corners. Severn Trent saved by identifying their waste properly through an independent waste analysis company and saved even more by working with local waste providers and disposal companies.


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