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It’s been a busy few months at WasteSURE, with some really exciting developments taking place in the background. We’re finally able to announce that we are now the proud owners of an industry-first piece of equipment which will enable us to revolutionise the water filtration media cleaning process for our clients.

We recently partnered with manufacturers of the Portafill 3000ST to adapt their original machinery and create a bespoke application which delivers an enhanced cleaning of the materials found in water filtration systems – such as blast furnace slag and pumice, as well as the soil and gravel typically found in filters.

water filtration

After extensive trials of the equipment, we’re now able to bring it to market, with the promise that it will remove up to 70 per cent more contaminant than other market solutions, as well as recycle 98 per cent of waste product usually generated from the process.

Rather than continue removing and replacing these filtration and reed bed materials, water and utilities providers can instead use our adapted machinery to have their resources cleaned on site. By eliminating the carbon-heavy transportation associated with replacing filtration materials, we estimate that for clients with a 4000-tonne filter, up to 500 movements will be prevented, creating savings of around £380,000 per project.

Our innovation is now on-site and operational for a leading water and utilities provider in the Midlands. Additionally, we’re in talks with manufacturers to standardise production of the adapted equipment, so more can be developed in the future.

Mark Dunne, our co-founder and MD, said: “We’ve been a preferred choice in the removal and supply of new material for water filtration systems for some time; it’s the backbone of our business. But it was costing our customers hundreds of thousands of pounds. We knew there had to be a more cost-efficient solution which would also reduce the carbon emissions inflicted on the environment from this process. It turned out that there wasn’t an alternative, so we set about creating our own.

“We’ve spent many months understanding exactly how the Portafill 3000ST could be adapted, closely analysing and weighing filter content, working out how to better clean the silt, and taking core samples from live reed beds and ensuring they are representative of what the experts in water filtration work with every single day. What we discovered was that what was once a liability for these customers, could become pockets of gold on their site.

“We could’ve quite easily sat in the background and allowed the industry to continue as it was but unless businesses like WasteSURE start creating alternative solutions to solve the massive waste and carbon problems we have, nothing will change. It’s meant dramatically lowering our own revenues on transportation and disposal, but ultimately, we’ve produced a truly sustainable solution that offers our customers more value for money. And it will shape the industry for the better – we’re proud to be the business that’s enabled that.”

To find out more about water filtration refurbishment, get in touch with us today.

water filtration

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