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Compliance with the waste duty of care is the most important factor when deciding what to do with your waste. You have a legal obligation to fulfil the waste duty of care and, as the waste producer, overall responsibility for the waste rests with you down the entire waste disposal route. 

Because the EA is cracking down hard on companies and individuals who fail to fulfil the waste duty of care, it is now more important than ever before that you can be certain you are fulfilling it correctly yourself. This is where WasteSURE comes in.

Our founding director, Mark Dunne, Bury, set WasteSURE up to provide an antidote to the issues so many companies face with their compliance. Whether you are not sure what is required of you or you are simply having to trust that your current waste manager is above board, we believe that WasteSURE can – and must – do better. 

At WasteSURE, we don’t just hope our processes are compliant; we check and verify every provider, we ensure compliance before any waste is touched and we offer complete transparency to all our clients. We believe that these are the fundamental elements of waste management that all companies should be able to achieve. 

The Problem with Other Systems

The waste transfer note is a legal document that forms part of the waste duty of care and requires waste producers to ensure that their waste is dealt with in the safest, most environmentally-friendly way possible. This means that it is your responsibility to check and verify every provider so that you are certain that they have the correct licences and permits as required by your waste type. 

One of the main compliance issues with other waste management systems is that compliance is only checked after a company is assigned to deal with the waste. This is a fundamental issue in the whole waste management industry. What happens if it turns out that the company wasn’t compliant after all? Well, you will have unwittingly broken the law and you could be risking a large fine or even prison time depending on how serious the breach is.  

While there is a 30 day grace for companies producing a waste transfer note, this has left some room for waste managers to fudge the system to an extent. Many won’t produce a waste transfer note until the waste has already been moved and disposed of. This means that even if they discover that their waste transfer route wasn’t compliant, there’s nothing to be done about it at this point. 

At WasteSURE, we don’t think this is good enough for our clients. That’s why we have designed our own portal to guarantee compliance from the moment you call us. 

How the WasteSURE Portal Works

Instead of checking waste providers after assigning a job, we have turned the whole process on its head. We use our portal to onboard waste providers to our network. During the onboarding process, we check and verify their licences and permits as required by the waste duty of care. We then check again during the booking process. This means that we know that all our providers are fully compliant before we have assigned a single job. This all ties in with our digital waste transfer notes which we will come to a little later on.

When a client comes to WasteSURE, we ask a few questions including what the waste is, where it has come from and who has produced it. From here, we go to our network of providers and choose from a preselected list of fully compliant waste providers. This list has already been narrowed down according to the area and the most appropriate LoW code so we can guarantee that the company isn’t just compliant, but compliant with your specific needs. 

Our team member will select the provider or providers from the checked and verified list they are presented with and will then look at the licence or permit themselves to be certain that it is correct. They will then use their personal login code to confirm and time stamp the action. 

Working this way means that we have removed as much of the human error risk as possible. Each provider is checked and verified when they are put onto the system and then checked again for each individual process. Our compliance manager also checks and updates the system throughout the year to ensure that all licences and permits are kept up to date.

If you aren’t sure what your waste is, we are here to help and we can assist you in identifying it. 

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Compliance Guaranteed Every Time With WasteSURE

Because our portal is so thorough, we can guarantee our client’s full compliance before any waste has been moved. We will not wait 30 days before we provide a waste transfer note, in fact, our digital waste transfer notes are produced at the same time as the waste route is agreed. This means that the second your route is agreed, you can prove your compliance with the waste duty of care.

Our digital waste transfer note also gives you the chance to hold us to account. You can check the licences and permits by clicking through to see the documents for yourself on our portal. You can also access any further documents you may need here. We are completely transparent with all our processes and welcome any questions you might have. 

At WasteSURE, we don’t like to leave anything to chance. We’re the kind of company who like to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We check and verify every provider, every permit and every licence. The waste management industry as a whole needs to tighten up and really take compliance seriously and we hope that our system can become a model of success for everyone.

When we offer you waste compliance, it’s not just a thing we say, it’s a promise we can guarantee. Our system has been designed with compliance at the heart of everything we do. In fact, we have designed our system so that the only option available to our team is compliance. 

We really can’t get this wrong! 


WasteSURE Digital Waste Transfer Note
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