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WasteSURE is built on a UK-wide network of suppliers. This means that no matter where our customers are or what your project is, we can find a supplier local to you who can fulfil your needs, from waste removal right through to aggregate supply. 

So, when you book your skip, this is what happens.

WasteSURE’s Network of Providers

Our network of providers includes a wide range of waste carriers and disposal centres, including recycling centres and reclamation centres. Our network also includes aggregate suppliers so we can provide end to end solutions to our clients, replacing the material we remove.

The biggest advantage of a network of providers like this is that we can also arrange compliant mutual benefit agreements between industries to support the circular economy. For example, one client may need to dispose of blast furnace slag and another client may be looking for suitable recycled aggregate for water treatment. In this instance, WasteSURE could help both parties organise the logistics of the project to ensure the safe and compliant reuse of the material. 

Checked and Verified

We use the phrase checked and verified a lot. Basically, it means that we aren’t just working with our providers on good faith, we are actively looking for fully compliant, ethical companies to work with. 

Before any provider is added to our network, we check that they are fully compliant with the Waste Duty of Care with the relevant permits and licences. This information is verified every time we work with a provider and our staff will look over every permit and licence before approving a job with their staff login.  

Every provider is checked and verified on a regular basis to guarantee full compliance for our clients before any waste is moved. This is integral to the WasteSURE process and means that we can provide a Digital Waste Transfer Note as soon as the order is complete, with no 30-day wait to confirm compliance.  

How Our System Works

So how does our Network of Providers fit with the WasteSURE System?

Our system is designed to make compliant waste disposal the easiest option for everyone. As all of our providers are already checked and verified once again at the end of the booking, we can guarantee immediate compliance. All our customers have to do is tell us the quantity and composition of their waste, where it is and when they need a disposal solution and we can do the rest. 

When allocating jobs, our team always look for the nearest compliant provider. The means that a company local to you will handle your waste with WasteSURE’s brand authority and compliance guarantee. Working with local providers supports the local economy and is significantly more environmentally friendly as the distance the waste travels is minimised. Using local providers can also help to save our clients money. 

No company can operate in a vacuum and at WasteSURE, we are keen to promote our network as a means for positive change within the waste management industry. We are always looking to expand our Network to include as many fully compliant and environmentally friendly companies as possible. And, as more and more providers come onboard, the more choice we can offer our clients and the more innovative solutions we can design and provide. 

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