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Please note, we no longer offer this service. We are currently working on a new community outreach scheme and can’t wait to launch it soon.


When you start to look around, there is rubbish everywhere. Under bushes, tangled in branches and drifting along the pavements. This is a pretty bleak image and frankly, it’s one that WasteSURE wants to help tackle with our Community Cleanup Pack.

We are offering community groups in the Greater Manchester area help with the incredible efforts they are already making to help clean up our streets, parks and wild areas. Whether you are based in the city centre or out in the sticks, we can offer you the help you need to make a real difference.

What is a Community Cleanup Event?

Many community groups are coming together to organize litter picking events. These events are planned in advance, follow a specific route and should be risk-assessed where necessary. The groups are made up of volunteers who are concerned with their local environment.

Community cleanups are a vital part of managing waste at a local level and can make a tangible impact on the wildlife as well as the aesthetic of the area. Many groups follow the same route on a regular basis but others prefer to target a different problem area each time.

WasteSURE plans to help as many volunteer group community cleanup events as possible every year.

What Does the WasteSURE Community Cleanup Pack Provide?

Every event will require something slightly different so our offering will be tailored to your particular needs. That said, we do have a comprehensive list of tools and waste management options available.

Litter pickers

The easiest way to collect a lot of litter is with a litter picker. These devices are ideal for everything from cigarette butts to plastic bottles and will certainly help to save your back!

Hi-vis Vests

Community cleanups should have a few team leaders wearing hi-vis vests but if you are in a riskier area you might want everyone to wear one to maximise visibility and reduce any problems. We would recommend that everyone wears hi-vis for health and safety reasons.


It sounds obvious but litter is dirty and can be hazardous. Even items that look innocent could irritate your skin; gloves are the best way to avoid this problem. Plus, on a cold afternoon, you will be pleased to keep your fingers warm!


Waste bags should be used on the route you take to keep all the waste you collect in one place. We can offer thicker bags for heavier materials as well as standard bin bags.

A Skip

Getting rid of your waste is easiest with a skip. We will arrange for a skip to be delivered to your chosen location and to be collected once you have completed your event.

Compliant Disposal

All the waste we take care of is disposed of in a compliant manner. This means that we will ensure that any recyclables are separated and recycled and that any other waste is treated correctly according to the Duty of Care.

How Can I Apply For the WasteSURE Community Cleanup Pack?

Applying for our community cleanup pack couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is email with the following details:

  • Name
  • Community group
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Date of the event
  • Event details (or link to Facebook event)
  • List of what your cleanup requires

If you aren’t sure what you will need for your cleanup event, Ryan will be able to advise you.

Please Note: WasteSURE is happy to facilitate community cleanups but is in no way responsible for the event


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