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Hazardous aggregate is a common waste type in the water industry that is usually disposed of at secure landfill facilities. However, this process is expensive, not particularly environmentally friendly and doesn’t actually deal with the hazardous nature of the material. 

Instead of hiding hazardous aggregate away in landfill, a better option is to decontaminate the material with a fully compliant washing process. Washing aggregate is often a much better use of resources which is significantly more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective too. 

So why do so few companies know that this technology exists? 

One of the major problems within the waste management industry is that waste managers are motivated to use more expensive waste disposal routes because they use a cost-plus model to charge their clients. In essence, it is more profitable for these waste managers to encourage the most expensive route, regardless of whether it is the best route or not. 

At WasteSURE, we use fixed-cost pricing and prioritise compliant, environmentally friendly solutions. We don’t simply accept that the most expensive option is the only option, we use our flair for innovative solutions to work out what the best solution is on a case by case basis. In fact, we believe that pre-treatment is so important that we will insist on it where viable.

That’s why we want to tell you about decontaminating aggregate – we know it’s the best solution for the water industry and for the environment. 

Fully Compliant Decontamination Options

Wash Plant

A wash plant is capable of processing large quantities of aggregate, using water rinsing and scrubbing to remove hazardous material from the surface of the stones. The wash plant can be used in combination with a conveyor system at a shallow angle so that the aggregate can be replaced without breakage or compaction.   

Wash Bucket

A wash bucket is much smaller than a wash plant and uses a rotary mechanism to clean the aggregate and remove the hazardous materials. The wash bucket is ideal for a smaller site or quantity of aggregate and is just as effective as a wash plant in refurbishing hazardous material.

Compliant Decontamination with WasteSURE

WasteSURE’s network of providers includes plant hire companies so we can source compliant refurbishment solutions no matter where your business is located within the UK. We also use local waste analysis companies to test the aggregate, ensuring that it is within tolerance for reuse in the relevant industry.

Why Decontaminate Aggregate?

No Waste Disposal Route

One of the best reasons to decontaminate aggregate is that you can avoid a disposal route. By bringing a wash plant or bucket to your site, you don’t need to worry about transporting your waste or finding a compliant disposal site. 

However, you will still need to ensure full compliance with the Waste Duty of Care.

More Environmentally Friendly

Reusing the materials onsite is the most environmentally friendly route hazardous aggregate can take as this method minimises the distance travelled and ensures that no material is wasted. Furthermore, reusing material means that no virgin aggregate is required and secured landfills won’t be filled up with material that could be reused safely after processing. 

Smarter Use of Resources

The planet’s resources are limited so reusing everything we can is essential to preserve what we have. Aggregate is a commonly used material in a range of industries so where aggregate may not reach the threshold for reuse in the water industry, it could be used in the building or infrastructure industries. 

More Cost-Effective

Buying in new aggregate and paying for secure landfill disposal is a costly decision. Though hiring a wash plant or bucket might sound like more effort, the reality is that this method is more efficient and cheaper than removing hazardous aggregate and replacing it with new. We make sure that the wash plant or bucket is only hired for as long as it is needed and there’s no need to source new material either. 

Compliant decontamination of aggregate is a smart move for the water industry and a more environmentally friendly method too. At a time when every industry should be moving towards the circular economy and reusing as much as possible, this process is a win-win for everyone.

Give WasteSURE a call on 0333 301 0705 to see how we can help you. 

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